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Habitats — June 21, 2019


Today the children have been learning about habitats. We went into the secret garden to look at where the different plants grow. We thought about why different plants are suited to that environment and what it was like in different parts of the garden. Some of the words we used were: shady, dry, sunny, sheltered, damp and wet.

We also talked about the animals that might benefit from these plants growing there and why.

Identifying plants in the secret garden — May 17, 2019

Identifying plants in the secret garden

We went into the secret garden to look at the plants growing there. Some of them we could name, others we couldn’t!

We’re going to use books, identification charts and the internet to try to name them.

Victorian Day — May 11, 2019
Victorian Day Observational Drawing lesson —
Science: Pattern seeking — April 26, 2019

Science: Pattern seeking

Our class are trying to answer the question:

Do plants that grow in sunny conditions have bigger leaves than those that grow in shady conditions?

We went outside to measure the length of 8 different plants. 4 in a sunny place and 4 in a shady place. We recorded our measurements, in cm, on a table. Next week, we will put our results into a bar chart to help us answer the question.

Here we are in the garden, measuring ……..

Y1/2SR Easter Egg Hunt — April 17, 2019
Fabulous Judo! — March 8, 2019
Sharing our favourite books! — March 7, 2019
World Book Day —
Internet Safety — February 14, 2019

Internet Safety

Today Y1/2SR read a story about Smartie the penguin. He told us about getting a new tablet for his birthday and how excited he was. Unfortunately, some of the pictures and games Smartie saw popping up on his tablet made him feel unsure about what to do. We learnt that asking a grown up for help was always the right thing to do.

The children wrote their own advice about how to keep safe when using the internet.

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